"Discover How I Used a Mole Removal

Remedy to Remove an Unwanted Mole
at Home in Just 3 Days!”

DermaTend Mole Remover BeforeAfter

Are you looking for a mole removal solution because you’re tired of always trying to hide an ugly mole on your body? Do you wear certain clothes to make sure it stays hidden? Do you find yourself avoiding places like the pool and beach so others won’t see your mole?

I Know Exactly How You Feel – I’ve Been There!

I’m a Real Person and This is My Real Life Story:

Let me introduce myself, I’m John from St. Louis, Missouri and I know firsthand the embarrassment and humiliation of living with an ugly mole on your body. It changed what I did, where I went, and even how I acted. I know how a simple problem like a mole can make life miserable.

I used to feel just like you did. When friends asked me to pool parties or the beach I’d always come up with some lame excuse not to go or if I did go I’d keep covered up. It was embarrassing to have this ugly mole sticking out on my body. I felt like everyone’s eyes were immediately drawn to it every time it was visible. I could feel their stare and see the look of disgust on their faces as they turned quickly away.

I have countless memories of playing sports when one team would be shirts while the other was skins. When I was chosen to be on skins, I would position myself on the outside of the playing field so no one would be close enough to possibly point out the various moles that I had.

I was so sensitive and insecure about my moles, they actually stopped me from doing many of the things I loved to do.

Sadly… My Moles DEFINED Me!

But…that’s not my life today…

I Finally Found a Product that Got Rid of My Moles
and Changed My Life for Good!

You see I spent year after year and more money than I care to admit searching for a way to get rid of my moles without using harsh chemicals or invasive surgery with negative side effects and that would leave nasty scars.

There are so many mole removal remedies out there that claim their product really works. It’s hard to trust all the claims you read. But I finally found one that actually delivers and I wanted to share my experience with you in the hopes of inspiring you with a real example success story and not just the lies that many products claim to guarantee. This is my true story of how I went from being extremely insecure of my appearance to having mole free skin with the help of an incredible product.

Check Out My Real Life Pictures

DermaTend Mole Remover BeforeAfter

DermaTend Mole Removal Guarantees These Results 100%

Believe it or not, these are two pictures of the same area of my hip before and after my life changed having used DermaTend mole removal.

Like I said my moles defined me. I had grown used to the idea that through thick or thin, these moles were with me for life. I lived so long with my moles and never wanted to spend tons of money on surgically removing them. I was afraid of scars, nasty side effects, and other possible complications from the surgery. (Plus I figured it wouldn’t really work and I’d rather use the money for something more enjoyable like a vacation.)

But what happened literally changed my life
and it can change yours too!

A good friend of mine told me about DermaTend and shared his experience. He said he’d used the product and in just 2 days his mole was gone…no scar…no side effects…just clear skin where there used to be an ugly mole.

At first I was full of doubt but I trusted this guy, I saw his amazing results, and after all like he told me, “What risk is it to you really, when they offer a 100% money back guarantee? Just be sure, as you should always do, do your due diligence.”

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So I did some research on DermaTend and read lots of great customer reviews, learned that all of the ingredients were natural, and found out there were no negative side effects. At that point I decided to give it a try. I knew with their 100% money back guarantee I had absolutely nothing to lose so I went for it!

I went to the DermaTend mole removal website (which you can do so too by clicking on any of the DermaTend mole remover links on this page,) and I ordered one tube and some of their DermaTend Healing Balm. What happened was an incredible, life changing experience for me!

Dermatend Got Rid of My Moles with No Side Effects,
No Pain, and No Scarring in Just 3 Days!

Here are the 4 Simple Steps I followed to achieve the results you saw above:

Step 1: Use the enclosed Emory board and scratch the entire surface of your mole. (I made the rookie mistake of not scratching the mole enough with the emery board so be sure you do that well the first time.)

Step 2: Cleanse the area with a washcloth, soap, and hot water to open up the pores allowing for absorption of the product. Then, dry off the area.

Step 3: Apply Dermatend to mole surface. (I also used the Dermatend Healing Balm on the surrounding skin.)

Step 4: Apply a Band aid.

That’s it! If you don’t have a scab the next day repeat these simple steps until you do and otherwise, keep a clean Band aid on the mole and in 3 days your mole will disappear when the scab falls off.

Note: (I kept using the Dermatend healing balm on the surrounding area to speed healing. The ingredients in the Dermatend Healing Balm increase blood flow to the area which is vital to the healing process.)

I used so little of the product too. The tube of DermaTend mole removal could probably last me for another 10 moles. I was pleasantly surprised at how a little DermaTend & DermaTend healing balm went a long, LONG way!

DermaTend Mole Remover Day Bb

Mole free skin after use of DermaTend Mole Remover

I still have to refer back to my pictures to remind myself that this stuff actually works. It’s hard to believe that it removed my mole in a matter of just a few days and with the continued use of the DermaTend healing balm, I was mole free and healed in a matter of weeks. Compare that to the time and cost that surgery would have taken and this is a no brainer!

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I feel more confident and less stressed now whenever I don’t have my shirt on whether I’m at the pool or playing basketball. I’ve gone from one extreme to the other, inviting attention from people about where my moles used to be. I love sharing my amazing results.

So it’s like I said, I’m a real person, this is my real story, and these are my actual results of using DermaTend mole remover. I hope my story gives you some hope and encouragement to take action and achieve mole free skin too. This little tube has changed the way I view myself in so many ways.

So the choice is yours, you can close this browser window and continue to let pessimism and your moles have the upper hand, or you can drop the hammer on those little buggars and keep an open mind about the possibilities of achieving mole free skin.

After all my years of research and countless trials and errors trying to get rid of my moles I offer the following advice to my fellow mole sufferers:

Don’t Waste Your Time and Money with:

• Ineffective and Costly, Invasive Surgery
• Expensive Creams that Fail
• Doctors Office Treatments that Leave Scars
• Abrasive, Harmful, Chemical Laden Products that are Unsafe
• Continued Embarrassment about Your Mole
• Ongoing Compromise of Your Daily Activities to Hide Your Mole

Dermatend Gives You:

• Fast, Effective, Mole Removal in Just 3 Days or Less!
• Painless Removal of Moles
• Affordable Mole Removal
• All Natural, Non-abrasive Ingredients to Nurture Your Skin Not Destroy It
• Mole Removal in the Privacy of Your Home
• Freedom and Self Confidence to Do and Wear What You Want

It’s a very small investment in dollars to return a HUGE success in yourself. What do you have to lose? If it doesn’t work, ask for your money back!

Take my word for it, Click Here for more info on DermaTend mole removal and healing balm and give yourself the gift of mole free skin!

To our success,

John King

P.s. If you do not believe how well DermaTend mole remover worked for me, or if you have any questions, shoot me an email. I'll be happy to answer whatever questions you throw my way.