A mighty mole!

by Sami
(Titusville, FL)

I know a couple who divorced because of a mole. In their case, they literally made “a mountain out of a molehill” or a mole!!!

The wife, Alisha, had a mole on her upper lip. It was one of the most repulsive, horrible things you ever saw. A big, black, protruding mole right on the upper lip line. When you talked to her, you couldn’t help but stare at it. It made the whole conversation quite uncomfortable. Her husband, Kabir, was quite a gentleman and they shared a healthy, romantic relationship. Nevertheless, people like me often wondered the role of the mole in their lives.

About two years after they got married, things began to get sour between them. There were fights and walk outs, separations and meetings with lawyers. Six months later, they filed for divorce. It was sad news and everyone felt sorry for the couple.

There were rumors of an alleged affair of the husband and then the horror stories of the mole!!! It was mean and nasty but, many people commented on how the mole must’ve gotten between them. I mean, there was no denying the fact that it was nauseating!!!

Anyway, no one had the nerve to ask either of them the truth about the mole, so rumors remained rumors and the truth was never exposed.

I moved to another city and we lost touch. Then, a month ago, I met her at a friends get together. I met Alisha and my jaw dropped open. The mole was gone!!! The woman looked so different, almost radiant…she saw my reaction, which I couldn’t hide, and laughed…she said she often received this kind of response and she loved it!!

She had gotten the mole removed and life had been kind ever since. She didn’t regret not getting it done earlier because she felt the marriage was just not meant to be. She believed that a guy who dumped her because of an external, facial flaw was not worth it anyway. She had moved on and was happy that way. And I was happy for her….

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