Mole removal:
Avoid scars caused by it

Mole removal may be on your mind if you one of the many suffering from ugly looking moles. If you are, then talk to your dermatologist about how to remove it from your skin. Your dermatologist can suggest to you the best possible way to remove the moles. He can suggest for laser therapy or incision depending on the type of mole you have. The shape, size and color plays a vital role in determining what type of treatment is recommended for your mole removal therapy. If your doctor feels something looks suspicious then he will arrange biopsy and some other check ups to make sure your mole is or is not a health risk. Normally, after removing the moles from your skin a small or large scar takes its place. Now, medical science is improving and you can avoid having a big scar if follow these steps.

A few important things you may need:

Moisturizer based sunscreen and scar treatment cream consisting of Vitamin E.

1. Step 1

Your dermatologist will suggest how to take care of the affected area after removing the mole. You need to follow those instructions thoroughly. If you have a burn or stitches then your dermatologist will surely provide you some scar removing cream or lotion which you need to apply on the scar according the instructions. You need to cover the stitches until your doctor removes them and will ask you to clean it regularly. It is important to keep that area free from fungus and bacteria.

2. Step 2

It is important to not to let that stitches get too dry and brittle or too wet. Try to moisturize your skin a little bit. If the skin is too dry then there is bigger chance of getting a scar. It is important to hydrate your skin to keep it supple. For that, moisturizing is a must.

3. Step 3

Most of the scar treatment creams contain various natural ingredients so that the scar does not get itchy or the skin starts burning. You need to apply the scar treatment cream for 10-12 weeks twice everyday to prevent having a scar on that part of your skin.

4. Step 4

It is important to wear sunscreen whenever you go out into the sun. Apply sunscreen with a high SPF to protect your skin from UVA, UVB and other harmful rays. You need to massage the area for a couple of minutes regularly so that the area gets adequate blood flow and can get cured rapidly.

5. Step 5

You can squeeze a vitamin E capsule and then apply the contents on that area of your skin. Vitamin E helps skin to grow and to remove unwanted spots and scars. It will make your skin glow and will also help it in avoiding getting scars.

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