How to know if mole removal will be permanent

Various mole removal techniques, creams, lotions and surgical procedures are coming to the market every day. Those who are suffering from ugly moles on their skin get attracted to those products pretty easily. If the doctors can remove your moles properly then it is permanent. It is vary rare that a mole will regenerate after surgery. Surgeries as well as all natural home remedies usually remove the mole forever. You can check by yourself whether your mole has removed permanently or if there are still remnants of the mole still visible.


Step 1

Different people will give you different suggestions but you first need to consult a good and reputable dermatologist. He will diagnose your mole and then run some tests on it. Once he gives you confirmation that you can remove your mole, only then will you need to go through surgery, laser treatment or an all natural herbal remedy. Some moles can cause various skin problems and health risks. That is why you need to be certain that your mole is free from any such threats.

Step 2

Ask your dermatologist about your mole type, size and symptoms. He may suggest you go in for surgery but you may also ask him whether you can remove it by an all natural herbal remedy or by laser treatment. Home made natural remedies are easy to apply, inexpensive and pretty effective on moles. Ingredients like garlic, apple cider vinegar and cauliflower works great on moles. If you opt for natural remedies then there is no chance of getting a scar on that area and the mole removal becomes pretty smooth with natural remedies.

Step 3

There are multiple surgical methods you can opt for. If the moles are not that big then the doctors usually go for the shaving technique. By this they remove the mole smoothly leaving only a little scar in its place. After care can make that scar lighter and you won’t need to worry about the mole at all. It never comes back. Sometimes the doctors need to remove the mole by incision or cauterization surgery. If this doesn’t suit you, another option is laser treatment. All of these processes performed by a dermatologist are pretty costly and that is why you need to decide firmly before undergoing surgery.

Step 4

Generally surgeries can give you faster result than other type of treatments. Consult with a reputable dermatologist so that the scar is as little as possible or you will have wasted your time and money. If you are going for an all natural herbal remedy then keep a close eye on the color, size and any other significant changes happening to your moles. You will see the color fading and after a couple of weeks it will fall off by itself providing mole free skin.

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