Is mole removal useless?

Mole removal is often considered for pigmented marks that may spring up anywhere on the human body. Very few people have moles that are generally accepted as attractive and typically these people are models. For the rest of us, our moles may as well be called a curse. People want to get rid of them because of different reasons. Some people don't like the appearance of moles and go for cosmetic surgery to remove them. Others may get it removed because of the irritation it causes to them physically and emotionally.

Improved technology offers a couple of ways to get rid of these moles that weren’t available decades ago. Erasure can be done without stitches by cutting off the mole from the skin with the help of a scalpel. That portion of skin is then burned to cease further bleeding in that area. Then the wound is properly bandaged with the application of antibiotic to reduce infection. There are wide arrays of moles which range in color, size and are pillow-like or flat with the skin surface. In many cases, a dermatologist will remove the mole with a scalpel and stitch it up after anesthetizing the skin. The wound is then bandaged with an antibiotic. Until the wound is healed up completely, it is important to clean it two or three times a day to prevent infection. The antibiotic must be regularly applied to it over that period to get full relief. The whole surgery costs around $200 to $450. The medical insurance may provide coverage if it is done on a pre-cancerous mole.

Another way, although not as popular is Laser Surgery. The moles are burnt off with a highly penetrating laser beam. But in most of the cases laser surgery doesn't successfully remove the entire mole. That's why, the moles which are too deep, should not be treated with laser. Laser may not remove the mole completely.

Removal of moles is really advantageous. In some cases a mole may become a health risk and removing it may save one's life. Another benefit of mole removal is getting the freedom from irritation that may occur due to rubbing with the clothes or jewelry. In particular, cutting of a mole on the face can be extremely dangerous while shaving. Removal of a mole from the face allows individuals peace of mind while shaving. And the most important thing, people who are conscious about their appearance feel their self esteem improve dramatically with the removal of a mole from their skin.

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