Mole removal and its precautions

Why choose mole removal? Skin moles are the pigmented dark colored spots that may grow up anywhere on the skin. At birth the moles spring up, but these have the same color as the skin. These moles get darker and become larger in size when exposed to the sun’s ultra-violet rays. Most of these moles are non-health threatening, however any changes in size or color of the mole needs to be brought to the attention of a dermatologist.

Almost all people have at least a trace of moles on their body. It's a common practice to remove moles because of a desire to improve one’s appearance or as a precaution against health threats. As its popularity has increased significantly in recent years, there are a numerous ways for mole removal. A person may be left with a large scar or they may have no trace after the mole removal surgery as it all depends on the way chosen by the dermatologist.

Surgery is one of the most common ways to remove the mole from the skin. It requires the surgeon be well equipped with the required instruments like a scalpel. This process involves stitching the area around the mole after cutting it from the skin. The surgery is quite painful and leaves a scar especially if the mole is larger in size. There are also other procedures one may opt for the removal of skin moles.

Electro-surgery is another option in which a surgeon uses an electrical needle to take out the tissues under the mole after being shaved off. This method isn’t as likely to leave a scar, but sometimes it does. And more often, the surgery is quite painful. Another method that involves killing the tissues below the mole is by using liquid nitrogen. This surgery also has similar consequences as it is quite painful and leaves scar.

In spite of these painful methods, there are a variety of remedies that can prevent scar from forming during the healing process. Out of these, one way for the removal of the moles from the skin is to buy a product from a near-by drug store which contains some acidic content to burn the moles. This method not only damages the tissues of moles but also, all the tissues that come in contact with the acid are completely damaged. Thus, the product needs to be applied by an expert very carefully. It takes a couple of weeks to remove the mole completely, typically around six weeks.

One more significant way to remove a mole is by using a 'Herbal Method'. Herbal methods generally use creams or paste that need to be applied on the mole on a regular basis. These herbal remedies effectively remove the mole and at the very least, leaves a very miniature scar after the medication. Herbal care products are easily available at your local pharmacy.

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