Mole removal misconceptions

In my childhood and before mole removal was commonplace, it was believed that anything done with a mole would result in cancer one day. Today, the idea is totally different. Everyone wants to be free from moles with any feasible way, before they potentially turn into a health risk later down the road. A few moles I had removed by the surgeon left scars behind to prove it. Right now, I'm using Iodine for the removal of moles. Iodine is really a good option to get rid of moles, without leaving any scars on the skin.

The amount of time it takes for the iodine to remove the mole all depends on the size of it. The bigger 'pillow' type may take weeks, or even months. The smaller ‘pillow’ moles take only a few weeks to disappear. The larger ones I used to have took around two months beginning to end using Iodine. The freckle like surface moles is iodine resistant.

As with most things, the removal of moles using iodine is a process. Early on you may not notice any changes once applying iodine, but after the second or third days it begins to turn pink. The area starts swelling and become brighter with time. It’s not uncommon at this moment to think, "Oh, no, what is happening?" So what I did was to hold back on a few applications until the swelling of the mole subsided. The mole scabs over, over time. Continue to apply the iodine and when it seems to be a bit itchy, it's a sign that the iodine is working well. Once the edges become dry, no more iodine is needed.

I advise you to scratch the mole lightly before using iodine. It's a good practice to put some cream or lotion, because iodine may affect the near-by skin. Make sure to also use the iodine before expiration. Cosmetics may be used to hide the pink color during treatment. The pink will diminish over time though.

Don’t be surprised if people question you desire to rid yourself of your moles. Simply, I think there's nothing risky in that it will either work or it won’t. It all depends on the type of mole; remember that the flat ones are more resistant. As we grow older, these moles appear unfortunately in clusters but I'm really happy that I am educated in the ways of the jedi mole remover!

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