Can mole removal
bring bad luck?

Generally, mole removal is considered for moles that are made up of nevus cells or what’s known as Melanocyte. These moles can grow anywhere on the human body regardless of their shape, size and color. Some people have small moles while others may not. The color of it is of no consequence because they vary from bright pink to dark brown or black depending on the person. Although it is not common, moles can sometimes pose a health threat. It's advisable to keep an eye on a mole especially if it changes in color or size.

Although in most cases moles are not visible at birth, they are in fact present. These skin colored moles are not noticeable at earlier stages but become visible as we grow up. As we age, these become larger in size and darker in color. Exposure to ultra violet rays is the major reason behind their growth. Most of the moles disappear with age of about fifty years. The darkening in color is not only due to exposure to sun, sometimes it may be due to a pregnancy.

Moles are usually just a nuisance rather than harmful as most are generally non-cancerous. People of China consider some moles as a sign of luck and rarely think to remove it, no matter how ugly it looks. Rather, they go to astrologers before removing a mole to determine whether it is lucky or if it may bring unluckiness to them if removed.

Moles can be removed a number of ways but it's quite important to visit a doctor before trying to remove it. Laser surgery, cutting, shaving or burning of a mole, as in cauterizing, are the methods used traditionally. A scalpel is the tool used for cutting the mole while shaving. But this method can only be used if the mole is not flat and a bit raised. And antiseptics are used after surgery until the wound heals up completely. A drawback of all these methods is that these may leave a noticeable scar behind.

Moles can be removed by natural treatments as well. No doubt, these methods take time for the complete removal of a mole, but these generally do not leave scar. But the first approach should always be the advice of a physician.

The juice of cauliflower also has a powerful herbal effect in removing the mole naturally. Juice of a pineapple or garlic can also be used. The moles disappear gradually if the garlic paste is applied and covered with a band-aid.

Another method is to apply apple cider vinegar after cleaning the mole with hot water until it becomes dried out. Nowadays, many herbal creams are available on the market but an expert’s advice is necessary before using these.

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