Mole removal by way of
Apple Cider Vinegar

Mole removal is often sought after because moles are small marks which bring unwanted attention to the appearance of our skin. Although these moles are harmless, nobody wants to have these on areas of their body that affect their beauty. There are some people who consider moles as beautiful but for the majority of us, we hate moles and really want to get rid of them.

Most moles are non-health risks that are small dark blemishes on the body that usually occur due to a high concentration of melanin.

Different types of moles have different shapes and sizes. The color also varies in relation with the size. The flat ones are usually brown in color, but the raised have a huge variety that varies from pink to dark brown. Whatever the color may be, one thing is for sure that people hate moles and desperately want to ret rid of them.

Surgeons usually chose to cut away the moles, freeze it or remove it by laser surgery. But one thing that we will have to compromise with these methods is that these typically always leave a scar behind after surgery. One more drawback of surgical mole removal is that these procedures are costly too. There are a few home remedies that are really cost effective that completely remove the mole without leaving a scar and are very safe to use. It's advisable that you should still consult your doctor before going with any of these methods.

Home remedies that are exceptionally quick for the removal of moles are garlic and apple cider vinegar. Regular application of these results in burning away of the mole and a scab will then be visible on the skin but do not try to remove it. Prematurely removing the scab may result in leaving a scar. Continue to apply for few more days and the scab will dry out and finally fall off in its own.

To start the process, clean the mole and the surrounding skin gently with cotton. After that, use a pumice stone and rub it over the mole, it will open your pores so the cider vinegar or garlic can enter inside the mole. On the surrounding skin, apply any oily thing like Vaseline so that the surrounding skin is not affected due to the effect of the garlic or vinegar.

For the garlic method, you need to cut it into very small pieces. Then you can apply it directly on the mole before covering with a proper bandage. Doing this two times every day with the fresh pieces of garlic, results in the mole scabbing over in three or four days. Then you can leave it to dry out.

And if you use the apple cider vinegar method, use cotton and dip it into vinegar and apply it over the mole. Cover it with a bandage. Doing this for five or six days makes a scab over it that will disappear after drying out.

These methods are not painful but quite a bit itchy once the scab forms, but that's the sign that your scab is healing up. The scab usually takes three - four days to completely disappear.

The apple cider method is usually used overnight. That's why I prefer this method. Both these methods takes same time to heal the mole but the vinegar method is preferable since there’ll be no need to hide anything with the application taking place overnight.

Whichever homemade method you choose is up to you but the important thing is that you find one that works while minimizing scars, large expenses and pain.

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