Mole removal:
a guide to preventing scars

Generally, mole removal may be desirable since most of us dislike the natural occurring moles we have on our skin. But your dermatologist has a solution. Depending upon the shape, size or color of the mole, your dermatologist will suggest the best option for you to remove the mole. It may be by Shaving, Excision, Laser treatment or Cauterization. Scarring is the most common problem that people receive when the mole has been removed. But it can be avoided with a few preventive measures.


Step 1

Ask your dermatologist what to do and what not to after removing the mole. Follow their instructions seriously. After cutting off the mole, if you go for stitching, always keep the area clean and free from infection. You will need to cover it properly with a bandage until the mole heals naturally.

Step 2

Use moisturizer on your skin because scars occur frequently on dry skin. So, never let your skin dry during treatment and frequently moisturize your skin.

Step 3

Use Creams and lotions for scar treatment. Usually, onion extract is the main ingredient of such creams. Application of cream twice or three times a day for a dozen weeks will prevent scarring.

Step 4

Let you blood circulate in your whole body. Body massaging is a good way to increase the blood circulation. It is necessary that blood circulates wholly so that no scar is left behind.

Step 5

Apply suns cream whenever you are out in the sun. The ultra violet rays create many problems with the skin and the mole may take more time to recover during the healing process if you don’t use a high SPF sunscreen to prevent it.

Step 6

Vitamin E is really essential for the body and it’s even more important when you are treating skin after mole removal. You can ingest a Vitamin E capsule that are available at any drugstore, or apply a cream over the affected area, to obtain maximum regeneration of the skin as it heals.

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