Mole removal: how to
know if it’s permanent

Mole removal is generally permanent, but there are exceptions when it is not. No matter whether you opt for surgical removal or use a home remedy, sometimes you find that the mole has re-grown. There are several possible reasons for a mole to re-grow but here are few tips and tricks to find if the removal process is permanent or not.


Step 1

You should schedule a visit with a local dermatologist and allow them to diagnose whether the mole is harmless or if it could pose a health threat.

Step 2

Confirm the exact size of the mole with your dermatologist and ask if surgery is good option for you.

Step 3

Pick one method out of the long list of mole remover procedures. The list includes freezing, shaving-off, laser treatment, excision and several more.

Step 4

Confirm which method is reliable for you. Surgery may offer a quick removal outcome, but that too varies from person to person.

Step 5

Ask experts to determine how long the healing period is of the scab and apply clean bandages regularly.

Step 6

Home remedies remove the mole permanently but you need to observe the color and size of mole for any changes.

The above mentioned steps will assure that the mole remover process will be permanent.

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