Know The Life Cycle Of A
Mole Before Mole Removal

If you're here seeking more information about mole removal, then you're most likely accustomed to noticing the dark pillow type spots on your skin. These dark spots are commonly known as moles which can be cancerous, pre-cancerous or free from either. Moles consist of nevus and melanocyte cells. They can be very from flat or pillow type as well as light pink to deep brown in color.

Moles can become a health risk which is why you should not ignore them. You should definitely consult a doctor immediately if at any time your mole changes shape, size or simply starts bleeding. It is very difficult to see moles present at birth because of the fact their color matches a new born's complexion. However, with growing age and added exposure to the sun's UV rays, moles will typically darken in color. Research has proven that moles will grow while you are in your twenties and thirties until growth reduces in your forties and thereafter.

Mole development will occur spontaneously with growing age and over exposure to the sun. Most moles are harmless and can even disappear after your fifties and sixties. The best case scenario is that your moles disappear without the need of any therapy or surgery as the life cycle of a mole is usually 50-60 years. Since moles can interfere with your self esteem, this may be all the motivation needed to remove it and to improve the look of your skin. That being said, be sure to consult your doctor before freely removing moles since they will determine if the mole is free from any health issues.

Some of the traditional mole removal techniques include shaving, stitching, burning, cutting and laser treatment. Unfortunately, in all of these methods just listed, a doctor must use a scalpel which increases the probability of being left with a scar. That being said, all natural methods on the market can do the same thing just without leaving a scar. Cauliflower juice or castor oil can be used twice to three times per day for two to three weeks until your mole lightens in color and eventually disappears. The great thing about natural remedies is that they do not have side effects if used as directed.

Not to mention, fresh garlic or pineapple juice are also effective ingredients to naturally remove moles. The key is to apply the juice on the mole before bandaging it up for the whole night. For great results, just follow this for a few weeks. Do know that there are also herbal creams on the market as well. Be sure you use whichever remedy according to the instructions. You can increase your self esteem with the use of any of these all natural remedies to mole free skin without the costs or side effects associated with going to a doctor.

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