Can Iodine be used for
mole removal?

Before opt for mole removal, know this! Moles can cause health issues for your skin and that is why medical science has invented some therapies to get rid of surface moles. Nobody wants their moles to become a health risk and that is why people are becoming more motivated these days to get rid of them in the easiest way possible. Some therapies and surgeries can leave deep scars after removing the moles. That is why, new removal therapies are coming to the market and getting popular too. Recently, iodine has become a good mole removing agent and many people have started using it.

The amount of iodine you need to apply on your mole depends on the size of it. If it is huge then obviously it will take a few weeks to get removed completely and if the mole is small and lighter then it will get removed more easily. Iodine is one such thing which is very useful to remove moles from your skin. Some moles are soft and billowy while others are more easily irritable. If you use iodine for 4-6 weeks on these billowy moles, you’ll have better chances of getting spotless skin again. One thing you must keep in mind is that if you have flat moles, then iodine will not be able to help to remove them from your skin. The first few times when you apply iodine on your moles will not have any visible effects, but after applying it 3-4 times you will begin to see that the mole will become pinkish. After that happens, then you will see significant changes happening.

Put some hand lotion beside the mole before applying iodine on the mole. Then scratch it lightly and apply the iodine on it. It the mole is on your face, women can wear makeup carefully as it will help to hide the pink color of the mole. Have patience and you will get clear and spotless skin soon. Many people do not take the idea of removing moles on their own. If anybody questions whether your at home remedies are safe, ensure them that the process in removing moles can be completely risk free if you do it right. Iodine usually works really well on moles, even if it does not work with the flat moles you need not worry. There is no side effect at all. Some of my friends even said that the pink color will stay forever and that I will have only worsened the situation. But nothing of that sort has happened and I now sport glowing and mole free skin. It was long thought that the removal of moles should only be left to trained experts but with the advancement of technology and the use of the internet for research, mole removal can be done in the privacy of your own home. Moles usually appear with growing age but with remedies like iodine or natural herbal remedies, mole free skin is an increasing possibility.

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