Mole Removal:
Avoid Permanent Scars

Beyond mole removal, 90% of the time if someone has an ailment, all they have to do is to stop by the local pharmacy to find solution to their problem. When it comes to your mole, so many of us have our psychological insecurities about them that most do not realize there are plenty of creams, lotions and all natural solutions to rid yourself of moles. A visit to your local pharmacy will again, provide you with quite the variety of remedies that promise to remove moles within 3 days to 1 week. Without consulting with a physician as to what you need, it may get confusing to be sure you find the right solution.

Removing a mole is not a bad thing since they can be pre-cancerous, cancerous or neither, totally harmless. If you want the fastest results, surgery will offer that but there are drawbacks. Depending on the size and shape of your mole to be removed, will determine if you will develop a small or large scar after the surgery. Smaller moles are easier to remove but larger moles typically will require them being cut out or stitched and burned. This is why scars typically occur. Laser therapy gives you a better chance of being left without a scar but there is also a higher percentage that the mole will reappear again which will be a waste of your money. Damaged nerves are also a drawback from laser therapy.

Going back to the availability of creams, there are many on the market that you can use. The problem with these medicated products is that they contain various chemicals that can burn or irritate your skin and mole. You must be extremely careful if you choose to use one of these creams. The directions should always be read and performed carefully.

It would be wise to double check that you are not allergic or that your skin is not hyper-sensitive to any of the ingredients in a mole removal cream. If you are not sure, feel free to consult a dermatologist. Liquid nitrogen therapy is also a quick and effective remedy that you should use slowly and in any case of excessive irritation, you should stop the use immediately.

Most people have moles and there is nothing abnormal if you do too. For most, the reasons for removing a mole are typically just for cosmetic reasons but this decision should not be taken lightly. If you rush through the application or healing process, you very well may be left with not only a scar, but damaged nerves or something worse. After all said and done, if the directions are not followed specifically, you could also end up having your mole grow back. Consult a good dermatologist and be gentle with your mole. Take all of these things into consideration before opting for a remedy because there are good ones out there.

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