Before mole removal, know
the life cycle of a mole?

I’d imagine if you’re seeking more information about mole removal, that you’re used to seeing dark pillow type spots on various parts of our skin. These spots are known as moles. Moles can be cancerous, pre-cancerous and free from all these. Basically they are made up of nevus and melanocyte cells. The colors of moles can vary from light pink to deep brown. The shapes may also vary from flat to pillow types. One must not ignore the moles because sometimes moles can get pretty dangerous and even be a health risk. If at any time your mole changes shape, size or simply starts bleeding, do not ignore this and consult a doctor immediately. At the time of birth, it is not possible to notice moles because of the skin complexion. With growing age, sun light and UV rays result in the moles becoming more visible. It has been researched that while a person is in their twenties and thirties the moles may grow while the growth reduces in the forties and thereafter.

With growing age and over exposure to the sun moles start developing pretty spontaneously. Most of the moles are harmless and they also may disappear after your fifties and sixties. The life cycle of a mole is usually 50-60 years long and after that they disappear without any therapy or surgery. Sometimes moles can interfere with an individual’s self esteem and this may motivate them to remove the mole from the skin to improve their looks. Before removing your mole it is always better to seek an opinion from a doctor or a dermatologist so that they can determine if your mole is free from any issues.

Cutting, stitching, burning, shaving and laser treatment are some of the commonly used traditional mole removal techniques. In all these processes the doctors use a scalpel to remove the mole from your skin, thus, increasing the probability of a scar where your mole was removed. Comparatively, the all natural remedies on the market help more to remove moles with very little possibility of scaring if at all. Cauliflower juice is a very good natural ingredient you can use twice a day to remove moles. If you use it for 2-3 weeks then your moles will get lighter and eventually it will get vanished from your skin. You can also use castor oil twice a day to remove the moles from your skin. All natural mole removal remedies have no side effects.

Fresh garlic juice or pineapple juice is very effective to remove moles as well. You need to apply it on the mole and then bandage the area for the whole night. Following this for a few weeks will give you fantastic results. If you have the patience then you can clean the mole with hot water and then apply apple cider vinegar on it with cotton. You can also use the herbal creams available in the market. Use them according to the instructions. Many people are self conscious of their moles and all natural solutions to mole free skin are available now.

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