After mole removal, can scars be avoided?

Regardless of mole removal, in today’s day and age if you have any health issues, nine out of ten times all someone needs is to stop by the local pharmacy to find plenty of solutions for the problem. More or less, everyone suffers from problems like moles and there are various types of lotions, creams and all natural solutions to get rid of moles. If you visit your nearest pharmacy and ask them for some quick and easy way to get rid of your moles, they’ll direct you to plenty of creams and other things which promise to get rid of your moles within 3 days to 1 week. You will get confused and buy any of them unless you are aware of the problem and consult a physician.

Moles are not always harmless and that is why before applying anything you must check whether your mole is pre-cancerous, cancerous or harmless. For the fastest results you can opt for surgery however there is one problem with surgery. You can develop a small or large scar in the area depending on the shape and size of your mole to be removed. For the smaller moles the doctors usually shave the mole but for larger moles they need to cut it off and stitch or burn the area. That is why after mole removal the scar appears. To avoid having scars you can opt for laser therapy but in that case the mole can reappear again. Apart from that burning, damaged nerves can also happen in laser therapy.

There are different types of creams available on the market that you can use. All these products contain different types of chemicals which can create irritation or burning on your skin. You need to be very careful before using these products. Read the instructions carefully and follow them properly. Make very sure that your skin is not sensitive to any of the ingredients and then apply them on the mole. You can consult a dermatologist for his opinion. Otherwise you can opt for liquid nitrogen therapy for quick and effective treatment. You need to apply the product slowly and in case you feel any irritation, you can immediately stop using it.

There is nothing abnormal if you have moles on your body. Most people have them as well. Many people want to remove them for cosmetic reasons but the procedure is not very simple and one needs to be very conscious while doing this. If everything is not done properly with patience, then you may end up having a scar, damaged nerves or some other problem. Worse yet, you can go to the trouble and if you don’t follow the rules correctly, the mole may reappear over time. Be gentle with your mole and consult a good dermatologist first. Consider the risks and if everything suits you fine then opt for the treatment.

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