Is mole removal really necessary?

Mole removal is often over looked as most people do not take moles seriously. Under normal circumstances moles are nothing but blemishes on your skin and they are harmless. Some people in certain cultures think moles are good luck signs especially when those moles are present on the face. Some people are extremely self conscious when moles are present on their face or anywhere else for that matter. This is why people desire to remove the moles from their skin. Moles can be of various shapes and sizes. Some moles are lighter while others can be dark brown. You can also see moles of red or pink color. No matter what the color is, chances are none of us really want to have moles on our skin.

There are various techniques to cure moles. You can get help from a dermatologist and ask for surgical removal or other therapies. Your dermatologist will suggest he/she shave, cut or remove the mole by using laser treatment. Liquid nitrogen can also be used for removing moles from your skin. These methods are pretty costly and often do not offer the desired result. Oftentimes these procedures leave a scar in the place where the mole was removed. You can opt for at home all natural herbal remedies too. These are inexpensive yet effective ways of removing moles perfectly and permanently without leaving any scars. You just need to make it certain that your moles are harmless and free from any health complications.

Garlic and apple cider vinegar are very effective on the removal of moles. These methods burn the moles first and create a scab on it. When the mole gets perfectly dried up the scab falls automatically. It takes a few days to get rid of the moles and to enjoy clear skin. To begin this homemade remedy you need to clean the mole with cotton until the mole becomes dry. Then use a pumice stone to scrub the mole very gently. Apply little amounts of Vaseline on that area before applying the apple cider vinegar or the garlic. Vaseline will protect that skin from burning. Apply the garlic or the apple cider vinegar with cotton on the mole. Do this process in the evening and cover the mole with a band-aid for the rest of the night. Within 3-4 nights the mole will become dark and scab over.

Initially you may feel little irritation and itchiness on that area when the scab is there. Do not scratch as it can leave a scar. Have patience and after a few days the scab will fall off on its own. Some people avoid using garlic because of the smell. You can use apple cider to avoid embarrassment and get the same result. No matter which of these methods you try on your moles, they will be gone within 2 weeks. These are effective and money saving mole removal procedures for everybody.

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