Is mole removal surgery my best option?

Mole removal was something I wanted to do even though I often receive compliments for having a mole on my cheek. But this is not flattering to me and I never really liked the mole on my skin and wish to get rid of it. In my opinion, moles have nothing to do with luck; it is simply a dark brown or pink spot on the skin which occurs because of a pigmentation problem in that area. When we’re born, our skin doesn’t show our moles until we reach our twenties or thirties when moles start getting darker in various parts of our skin. The appearance and shape of moles differ according to the skin type and other contributors. Whenever the melanin gets concentrated to one particular area, that part of the skin becomes darker than the rest of the skin. If you expose your skin to sunlight too much then this problem appears frequently.

Different people have different reason for why they want to remove moles from their skin. It creates many problems when one wants to improve their looks. Some moles can be a health risk and that is why some people want to get rid of them as soon as possible. Sometimes, moles can create irritation and itch causing people to want to remove moles. Removal procedures depend on where your mole is placed. If the mole is small then it becomes easier to remove. You must consult a dermatologist about how to remove your mole and which process is the most appropriate for removing your moles. If the mole is somewhere near an area that is shaved regularly then it may get affected or damaged. Sometimes cosmetic surgeries work well but sometimes homemade and all natural herbal treatments work best on the skin.

1) One of the most common methods for mole removal is surgery. But the expense and risk of scaring for both is higher in this case. Doctors usually do not advise surgery unless there is a health threat or something of that nature. Many people go for these surgeries just to improve their looks and to appear more beautiful. But most of these surgeries leave a scar where the mole is removed forever. Surgeries can be dome with or without stitches. Your doctor will decide which one is perfect for you and proceed according to that. Both processes are painful and very well may leave scars after the surgery. You need to clean the area by using hydrogen peroxide after the surgery.

2) In case of smaller moles the doctors go for shaving therapy. After the mole gets removed you need to take care of it for the next few days. Sometimes the doctors cut the large part of your mole and then sew the area together. After that, the area needs to be covered by creams and bandages to heal properly. These are just a few options many people can use to get mole free skin. Just don’t be surprised if the trade off for this remedy is a large scar.

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