Natural mole removal: How to?

Natural mole removal: Many people feel embarrassed or irritated about their moles. There are some all natural and some professional mole remover solutions which can help you to get mole free skin. If you opt for the professional mole removal procedure then you will need to make an appointment with your physician for a checkup. These professional mole remover procedures are pretty costly while also increasing the chance of leaving scars on that part of your skin. If you check your moles and they appear to be harmless and free from any health risks then you can opt for all natural remedies to cure your moles. Let us discuss some of the very important and easy to use natural and effective remedies to remove moles from your skin.

Required things to remove moles:

• Garlic
• Cider Vinegar
• Blender
• Fig stems
• Cotton swabs
• Castor oil
• Cauliflower
• Pineapple
• Honey
• Bandage

You cannot just apply a natural remedy on your moles haphazardly. There are certain procedures to follow so that you can get rid of your moles permanently and without having any side effects. The steps you need to follow are:

1. Step 1

The color and shape of different moles vary a lot. You can consult a good dermatologist for their opinion whether you need surgical treatment to remove your moles or if you can continue herbal treatment. If they suggest you for professional surgery, make sure to get it done from a reputable professional. Otherwise, apply natural remedies to get the best results.

2. Step 2

Aquire all the items mentioned in the list. Vinegar, garlic, cauliflower, castor oil, honey and every other product mentioned there are very inexpensive and effective mole removal items.

3. Step 3

To apply cauliflower juice on your moles you first need to prepare the juice in the blender and then apply it on your moles using a cotton ball. With 7-10 days the mole will get cleaned naturally. To clean the mole in a time saving way you can rub castor oil on it regularly and get effective results within a couple weeks. The same can be performed using honey on your moles too.

4. Step 4

You can apply pineapple juice or garlic juice on your moles until it gets lighter and then peels off from your skin. In the case of garlic, apply it every evening and cover it with a bandage for the whole night. Within 1 week you should see a scab over the mole and then the scab will naturally fall off after a few days, providing you with mole free skin.

5. Step 5

Clean your moles with warm water and then let your skin dry. Apply cider vinegar with fresh cotton swabs. Wash with cold water after 10-15 minutes. Repeat this process 4-5 times a day to get effective results.

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